Phishing simulación de ataque empresas

You should not have clicked on this link!

This is not a real attack, but it could have been.

Because awareness is a key step in the fight against phishing, the NuuBB team is launching mock attack campaigns like this one to raise awareness among companies and employees about the dangers of phishing and social engineering.

P.S. Keep it secret for the moment.

Some recipients have not yet checked their emails, and we wouldn’t want them to have an unwarranted advantage.

Don't take the bait!

Ten ways to recognise phishing


This email doesn’t seem to be normal!

Trust your instincts.


General greetings.

Be wary of impersonal expressions of politeness.


Requesting sensitive information.

Hackers imitate real websites to extract sensitive information from you.


Personal data.

Fraudsters use all the information they can find on the Internet to make themselves look even more convincing.


Alarming tactics.

Often an intimidating tone is used to deceive and make the victim act without thinking.


Spelling or grammatical errors.

This very often indicates the presence of a phishing attack.


Sense of urgency.

Distrust formal warnings to act as quickly as possible. This is a common tactic.


“You’ve won the grand prize!”

These phishing emails are common and easy to detect.


“Verify your account”

Always make sure you know why you have been asked to verify your account.



Be wary of look-alike URLs that try to mislead you, such as or

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Phishing is a practice used by cybercriminals to entice you to share your passwords, transfer money or open attachments. These attacks are usually sent by email.

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Phishing simulación de ataque